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Woods Bay
Woods Bay
Woods Bay
About Ford Construction

Since our founding in 1987, our journey here in northwest Montana has been to build intentionally excellent homes that are long term assets for their owners and the community at large. We are a relatively small company and have no plans to be anything other than that. Our core group of people comes from diverse backgrounds that have melded and grown over the decades into a high-functioning organization committed to daily excellence in all that we do. Life is short, so we strive to make our moves count.

Our skills are wide-ranging and cover the full spectrum of the construction process. Our concrete crews pour foundations and flatwork slabs, color and texture outdoor architectural concrete, or create beautiful concrete countertops. Our carpenters are masters with the methods and equipment of today as well as skills and tools of our forefathers. The fit and finish of our woodwork is consistently impeccable. Our cabinet shop produces fine cabinetry and millwork for any custom application.

Though not all of us are native to this region, we are all long-time residents and are here because there is no other place that we could, without reservation, call ‘home’ – our commitment to this place runs deep and never wavers. We care about the impacts of our actions on the local environment and always seek to be respectful of this place, the materials that we use, and the community of people that are our peers and customers.

We believe in cooperation among all the professions and trades –that each participant in the process offers valuable and diverse input and that the integration of those ideas equals uncommonly successful outcomes. We also believe that we are bound to continually raise the bar in our construction processes and that we should be instrumental in the evolution of the American home. Each new home that we build is better than the last one – we continue to employ systems that make them longer-lasting, more energy efficient, more comfortable, and healthier. We believe in constantly learning and sharing what we know through writing and teaching so that everyone can benefit from new information. We are committed to the notion that houses can be better and that every homeowner deserves the best that the industry can provide.