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Woods Bay
Woods Bay
Woods Bay
About Ford Construction
Our Goal

Our goal is to simply build houses that work – that do what houses are supposed to do in today’s world. We want them to work in every way for the occupants – to be safe and healthy for all, especially children, who are most damaged by indoor pollutants. To be comfortable and dry in the harshest weather conditions. To be compellingly attractive because a much-loved house receives good care and lasts for generations. We also want our houses to work for the future – to firstly be very durable so that they are still in use 500 years from now. Secondly, to be extremely energy efficient in order to be practical when energy prices become burdensome.

· To these ends, we test every completed home to assure a variety of safety, health, and performance criteria.

· We build all of our houses with thoughtful love and care. We care about our customers’ hopes and visions. We care about leaving a legacy of extraordinary houses for our customers and future generations.

There are many ways to build homes poorly and only a few ways to build them properly – we focus on the best practices and technology available to the industry today. Houses are long term societal investments – we never forget that.

· We love where we live and always strive to show respect for this place in everything that we do here.